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Spinfish Publishing Ltd

Spinfish Publishing Ltd

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Company Information
The Highway Electrical Yearbook was created by Highlec Publishing Limited in 1998. The Highway Electrical Yearbook was a huge success and was followed two years later by a sister publication, the Highway Maintenance Yearbook, which expanded the publications into the Highway Maintenance sector.

In 2016, Spinfish Publishing Limited purchased Highlec Publishing and began developing the already successful brands of the Highway Electrical Yearbook and the Highway Maintenance Yearbook, updating the format and pushing forward into new sectors and disciplines. Our recent expansion has been into the Electric Vehicle charging category.

We are very proud of our continued strong links with the Highway Electrical Association and enjoy attending the Annual Conference and Show, as well as supplying each member with their own copy of the Yearbook, free of charge. We also provide a free copy to every Local Authority head of Street Lighting, Signs and Signals and Maintenance department.

In 2022 we made the important commitment to publish the combined Highway Electrical Yearbook and Highway Maintenance Yearbook online, as the Highway Index. With an expansive and joined-up database of over 1,000 relevant companies and 242 local authorities, this resource is an industry essential. Behind a subscription wall is even more real-time updated information, in the form of local authority contract details and direct contacts for the street lighting, road maintenance, traffic signals and electric vehicle divisions.

Please contact Alice Joyce if you would like to advertise with us, enhance your company profile or make sure your company appears at the top of a category search return.
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Highway Electrical Yearbook and pen, coffee cup and keyboard on a desk
Highway Electrical Yearbook with 3 orange Highway Index powerbanks on the left
Colourful map of the United Kingdom on a billboard in the middle of a busy urban street, under a concrete bridge. There are cars going past on the left and people can be seen in the distance on the right
Several Highway Maintenance Yearbooks stacked in a pile
A keyboard on a wooden desk with a Highway Electrical Yearbook to the left of it. On the right is a mouse and a red mug and above the keyboard is an orange pen
Many copies of the Highway Electrical Yearbook and the Highway Maintenance Yearbook arranged in a circular pile
Box of Highway Maintenance Yearbooks, neatly stacked
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